Your pet's personality is written in the solar system. 2021 ushers in the year of the Ox, it is the year of endurance, anchoring and concretising dreams. Knowing you and your furry friend’s zodiac sign can increase your bond and gain insight of why they are the way they are. The sign and element in which your pet identifies as represents how they interact with the world, personality traits and how they navigate life by your side. Regardless of if you take zodiac signs at face value or not, no one can deny the fun and intriguing, sometimes quite accurate quirks. 

The zodiac signs originate from a thousand year old legend - the Jade Emperor wanted to select 12 animals to be his guards through a great race. Animals came from all over the Kingdom and the earlier one entered the heavenly gate, the better their ranking was. Each animal’s personality traits really shone through in the race. 

Check it out below - does your pet align with the signs?

YEAR OF THE RAT (2008, 2020)

The year of the Rat is the first sign in the Chinese Zodiac cycle. Those born in the year of the Rat are quick-witted and diligent. They strongly adapt to situations and new people. They make wonderful companions, with their cheerful and easygoing personalities.

Rats are curious, resourceful and take advantage of any opportunity that comes their way. In Chinese culture, rats represent diligence and depending on their element they can range between being independent, brave, hot tempered or talkative.

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YEAR OF THE OX (2009, 2021)

The year of the Ox occupies the second position in the zodiac sign. Those of this year have an honest nature and are determined and strong. Ox’s understand good things come to those who wait, but don’t mistake their honest nature with innocence - Ox’s will have a detailed plan on how to get what they want, it’s all a matter of time. It can take a while to crack through the tough layer of the Ox.

When they want to do something, then that is the way it is going to be. While they can be a tad stubborn they are the most gentle of the signs. However, if you get on their nerves it is an explosion. 

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The year of the Tiger occupies the third position in the zodiac. Those born in this year are confident, thrill-seeking and a little selfish. They have high self-esteem and enjoy being the centre of attention. Although they will never back down in an argument, they stand for justice and you know they will always have your back. 

Tigers are the guardians of the Earth, they are endowed with natural leadership and will happily lead the pack to justice. They make amazing sidekicks being courageous, steadfast and upright. However, don’t get on their bad side as they can get quite bossy and imprudent. 

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Those born during the year of the Rabbit are the epitome of elegance. They will win you over with their positivity, dedication and kind heart. Rabbits have a phenomenal attention to detail, and they take love seriously. Initially they tend to have all their walls up, but if you can break through you’ll have a lover for life. 

Rabbits are incredibly chić, they navigate life steadily and patiently. They tend to be overly cautious and conservative which means they can sometimes miss good opportunities as a result. 

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Those born during the year of the Dragon have their hearts filled with adventure and romance. They can come off as mysterious and mythical and they may seem lazy at first. However, once they set their eyes on something, they're like a dog with a bone. Pun very much intended!

They navigate life full of ambition and vigour; luck and good fortune seem to follow them, however they are easily discouraged when facing setbacks. Dragons are extremely picky so if they consider you part of your pack, consider yourself lucky! 

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The Snake has a bad rep for being sly and cunning. However, in Chinese culture the Snake is also known as a little dragon so it represents warmth and passion. Those born during the year of the Snake are calm, eloquent and perceptive. 

They can come across unapproachable and inconsistent however their humour and sociable attitude make up for it. Snakes are incredible enigmatic and are great thinkers, they prefer to work alone and are therefore easily stressed so they need a lot of their own space to recharge before gracing the world with their presence again. 

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Those born during the year of the Horse are positive and energetic. They navigate the world through how much freedom an opportunity offers them; Horses have an innate desire to express themselves freely. Active, cheerful and talkative means Horses are surrounded by friends. They are like the sun and people revolve around them. 

Those born under this sign lose interest quickly and are bad at keeping secrets so if you want them sticking around you better know how to keep them on their toes. 

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YEAR OF THE GOAT (2003, 2015)

You will never find those born under the year of the Goat not dressed to impress. They are softhearted, sympathetic and so giving. Shy and indecisive, they need strong-willed influence around them to keep them on track. 

Amicable and pure-hearted can sometimes have them suffering in silence as they would rather that than argue and ruin someone else’s mood. Persuasive in nature, Goats always have a few tricks up their sleeves to convince you in their favour. 

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YEAR OF THE MONKEY (2004, 2016)

Monkey’s portray exceptional intelligence and will devote themselves wholeheartedly to the work they are interested in whilst being indifferent to things they don’t like. 

Full of curiosity and diligence, it is in your favour if you manage to pique their interest. Monkeys are believed to be shy, mild-mannered and brimming with a strong sense of kind-heartedness and justice. Those born during this year don’t want to be the centre of attention, they are reserved and like items that give them a first class appearance. 

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YEAR OF THE ROOSTER (2005, 2017)

Roosters are active, amusing and very popular. Being one of the most talkative, open and outspoken signs can sometimes land them in the bad books with some. The Rooster is considered the messenger of the Gods and are usually prescient and farsighted. 

They have a sharp perspective into others’ minds and their warmth and heart make them quite popular. Roosters are creative and have amazing foresight, they make amazing friends although some can be quite cunning. 

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YEAR OF THE DOG (2006, 2018)

Those born in the year of Dog are loyal, honest, amicable and kind. Similar to the animal, they will do anything for the person they find most important. Communication can be a little difficult sometimes as their heads are going a million miles an hour and as a result they can come across to be stubborn when in reality, they’re just overwhelmed. 

Due to the conservative and loyal way they navigate life, those around them value their input and who they are. Very rarely will Dogs stray from the high road, however if you’re important enough to them, they may be willing to break a rule or two. 

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YEAR OF THE PIG (2007, 2019)

Those born in the year of the Pig are easy-going and compassionate. They think logically and are able to fix whatever problem they’re in. Contrary to belief of Pigs being dimwitted, they are actually incredibly clever. 

Being cool-headed, careful and having great taste makes them the ideal worker. Once they set their concentration on a goal they will spend all their energy achieving it. Pigs are calm in the face of adversity however because they never suspect trickery, they can be easily fooled, making some quite fearful of new opportunities and experiences. 

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