A good night’s sleep is something we all crave. Nothing feels quite as good as jumping into a comfy bed after a jam packed day. Why not give your pet that same feeling? Whether your furry friend sleeps with their paws in the air or curled up in a tight ball, we have the pawfect products to ensure your bestie has the sweetest dreams. Take a look below and discover which bed suits your pooch based on their sleeping habits.


Does your dog often fall asleep resting their head on the side of the couch? This could mean that your dog has trouble breathing, but one way to make sure they have a comfortable sleep is with the Livingston Bed from Hunter. This pet sofa fits into almost any interior. With an elegant and classic look and a fine textured fabric, not only does it look good, it supplies coziness and comfort to your pup. The fluffy filling makes it soft to lie on and the high edge makes for a comfortable position for the raised head sleeper. Create a cozy space for your raised head sleeper below:

Sprawled out and splooting! A sign of tiredness and FOMO. The Superman position shows your pup hates missing out and is ready to bounce into action if the opportunity arises. With a lavishly padded inner cushion, The Lancaster Quilted bed gives the feel good factor to any sleep (it even has rubber nubs on the underside for the wriggly sleeper). If you have an extreme stretcher, accommodate this with a Lancaster Quilted Bed size that's bigger than normal! Take a look at what we would pair with a Superman sleeper:

1. Lancaster Quilt Bed  // 2. White Leather Rolled Collar // 3. Mogo Bowl


The Bolga Pod is perfect for your Donut style sleeper. ‘The Donut’ is when your pooch sleeps with all of their limbs tucked under their body. When a dog sleeps like this, they are protecting their vital organs and seek to safe-guard themselves. The Bolga Pod creates a sense of security with an elevated edge giving your pooch a chance to relax. For a deeper level of peace, treat your companion to a sheepskin rug made of 100% New Zealand wool. Check out how best to style your Bolga Pod:


This sleeping position has us saying “awww”. The belly up is exactly as it sounds, and has your dog reaching the ultimate relaxation point. If your furry friend is sleeping like this it’s often because they are trying to cool off whilst feeling safe in their surroundings. Take this relaxation to the next level with a Bolga Bed. You could even upgrade the comfort a step further by adding in The Foggy Dog pillow. Stuff these covers with old pillow cases or towels to calm your pets with a familiar scent. Create the best set up with these options: