Valentine’s Day is all about spoiling your special someone, so let your special furry friend know how much you love them. We have scoped out all the best spots to spoil your best friend and take the best photos for the 'gram. Plan a special day with your pooches with our curated list.

You can thank us later when you get all the kisses at the end of the night.


Photo courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/road_trippin_rhodi/

Featuring the Float Coat Life Jacket

It may not be rowing down the canals of Italy on a gondola but it comes pretty close! Upgrade car rides by taking your furry lover on Hahei Explorer Cathedral Cove for a scenic boat adventure. Both you and your dog can experience sensory overload with the spectacular sights and clear blue waters.

Doggo more of an animal of the land? No problem! Friendly staff will entertain your furry friend while you’re jetting away. Regardless, make sure your pup has the best accessories for zoomies on the beach or a paddle with the fish. Essentials include a well fitting life jacket to keep your lover safe and sound, a towel to avoid being a wet dog and of course treats, cause what is an adventure without treats.

1. Float Coat Blue Atoll // 2. Turkish Pet Towel // 3. Angus Beef Liver Dog Treats 


Photo Courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/murtaughdoodle/

Featuring the Smooches Bandana

What’s more romantic than a sunset picnic? Unfortunately we can’t share our chocolate treats, but we've got you covered. Spoil your pet with some gourmet hand-made dog food from Dog On Restaurant. They have curated human like gourmet dog food like pizza, sushi, fried chicken, stir fries, cakes and pies. Fresh lean beef, chicken and fibre guarantees no quality compromise - only the finest for your best friend right? Our favourite part? Human grade food that ensures every meal is packed with vitamins and amino acids, which means you can have your Lady and the Tramp moment. How puplicious!

1. Smooches Bandana // 2. Knit Pet Blanket // 3. Front Range Harness Red Sumac 


Photo Courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/petfluencershop/

Featuring the Toto Bag Dispenser and Lumi Leash

Let's grab a puppacino to start the day and a bloodhound Mary to end the night! Here are our favourite picks around the country.


Wellington’s Beach Babylon offers a dog’s breakfast or deluxe mince for your pup's chops. The Botanist Cafe on Lyall Bay is another pawfect dog friendly spot to brunch at before you hit the beach for all the zoomies.


The Keg Room in Hamilton has your Sunday brunch covered with bone shaped treats, doggie donuts, meatballs and chicken popsicles to cool off this summer.


Treat your pet to something sweet at Amy’s Secret Kitchen or create a special moment with your fur baby with some barking good treats ranging from creamy fluffy cupcakes to full sized pup cakes from The Little Cake and Co, ‘cause pup it! 

1. Toto Bag Dispenser // 2. Black Lola Dog Carrier // 3. Pink Pet Travel Water Bottle


Photo Courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/kinpetnz/

Featuring the Fresh As A Daisy Shampoo And Conditioner

A dog is the only thing that loves you more than he loves himself, so why not show your pooch how much you love them with a spa day. Whether that’s at home or at the groomers, your dog deserves the best. Make sure you have all the essentials for the most delicious spa day.

Did you know dogs love massages as much as we do? Give your pooch a full body massage with Kin’s Fresh As a Daisy Shampoo, follow up with the Coconut Paw and Body Soak from The Fur Love to relieve all that trotting around - being on their paws all day is ruff work! Finish off with the Lavender and Sweet Orange Moisture Balm to keep the feet and nose soft and of course, a spritz of pet perfume from our scrumptious range is the cherry on top. Alternatively, if you'd rather leave it to the professionals, take your pup to the groomers at Barkley Manor to add some magic to that fluff.

1. Fresh as A Daisy Shampoo // 2. Fresh as A Daisy Conditioner // 3. Paw & Body Soak // 4. Moisture Balm // 5. Pet Parfum Bellevue 162