Coming into the height of Kiwi summer, we've chatted with our good friends over at Dog Friendly New Zealand and we have put together what we believe is the only guide you need for travelling with your hound in the warmer months. Whether you're heading to the beach, lake, country or city, the DFNZ team are sharing their picks for your dog's suitcase - you can thank us later.


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If you're heading to the surf, you'll need to be prepared for a very messy, very tired pup. Make sure you pick the best tools for the trade by selecting durable, quality products that will stand up to salt, sand and a bit of rough and tumble. Necessities include a towel to save your car's backseats, a natural shampoo for the post-beach bath and of course sustenance for all the energy your dog will inevitably burn through.

1. Adventure Collar Yellow // 2. High Top Leash // 3. Turkish Pet Towel Yellow



Featuring the Ray Harness Pink and Toto Bag Dispenser Green

Taking a trip to the big smoke? Be sure you pack your dog's most stylish threads, ready for shopping excursions, bar hopping and bottomless brunches. We're not saying you can't be practical, but who says fashion can't be functional too? Take a leaf out of Karl Lagerfeld's book and remember: “Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress.”

1. Lumi Leash Black // 2. Classic Houndstooth Bandana // 3. Lover Not A Biter Collar Charm



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A weekend in the country? What better way to clear your head - we're thinking long hikes in nature by day and sleepy evenings relishing sun kissed skin and tired muscles. A great tip from the DFNZ team - keep high value treats at the ready in case you come across precious wildlife or livestock on your travels, some dogs will need to be reminded who to focus on!

1. Front Range Harness Red Sumac // 2. Travel Water Bottle // 3. Beef Jerky Treats


Featuring the Float Coat Blue Atoll and Lunker Toy Red Sumac

Whether you're a wake surfer, a paddle boarder or a fisherman, the first item to go into your dog's suitcase should be a well fitting life jacket. If you're planning on heading out on the water, don't forget to think about your dog's safety as well as your own. Not to mention, even if your dog is a confident swimmer, the handle on the top of doggie life jackets makes it easy to board your pup back on the boat after a cool off in the lake!

1. Float Coat Blue Atoll // 2. Wild Caught Calamari Treats // 3. Lunker Toy Red Sumac