Why you should take your dog on a mini break

Humans and dogs are more alike than many people may think. We all know that we need to get a change of scenery from time to time to rewind and revitalise; It’s good for our wellbeing and its good for the soul – and that applies to your four-legged bestie too. So get them out of their slump and pack your bags, it’s time for a mini-break. If you’re still not convinced that taking your little monster along for some R&R is a good idea, then take a look below.

Image courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/mochi_and_kiwi/

Image courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/mochi_and_kiwi/


Are you scratching your head struggling to think of where your pet is going to stay? Don’t worry because there are more and more pet-friendly hotels, camping grounds and baches popping up around the country! Dog Friendly New Zealand is a great resource for finding dog friendly hangouts if you’re unsure. Take a look: www.dogfriendlynewzealand.co.nz 



There’s no better way to get out and enjoy nature than with your dog by your side, so plan a getaway in a pet friendly camper-van to really take in the sights. Jucy Rentals, among others, offer owners the option of taking their dog with them in their vehicles, and with summer coming there is no better time to start planning! Check out Jucy here



We’re not saying don’t enjoy your long mornings filled with breakfast, fresh coffee and a relaxing lounge by the pool… because your dog wants that too, trust us. But taking your dog with you on your stay-cation encourages you to go out and explore what your chosen destination has to offer. Why not swap out breakfast at the bach for a nice cafe by the beach or in a small town close by?



Taking your dog with you means you save on dog sitting costs, which is an absolute win in our books. Sitters’ fees can pile up, especially if you’re heading away for a couple of weeks, so why not include your pup on your adventure and avoid the heartbreaking puppy dog eyes when you leave them behind.



The best part of taking your pet on a mini holiday with you is bonding. There is nothing more important than bonding with your pet as it means more trust and loyalty in your relationship. There’s no better friend than a canine, after all.