Activity Fun Board Cat Toy


The Cat Activity Fun Board has been carefully designed by Helena Dbalý and speaks to your cat's natural need for both physical activity and mental challenges Thanks to a range of different play opportunities with differing levels of difficulty, it is also the ideal toy for older pets and cats with illnesses that limit their mobility. There are five different sections that each offer a selection of challenges. In some areas of the Activity Fun Board, your cat's dexterity will be tested, whilst others offer constructive activities as well as plenty of opportunities to play!

  • A challenging and stimulating outlet for energetic, curious cats.
  • Interactive game featuring five different challenges to stimulate your cat’s senses.
  • Fish bowl style globes, pegs, alley, tongue and tunnel all provoke your cat's sense of curiosity.
  • Non-slip rubber feet keep game in place during playtime.
  • Rewards your cat for correctly solving various treat-hiding challenges.
  • 30cm x 40cm

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