Play Circle Cat Toy

$15.99 $18.99

Keep your kitten or young cat engaged even when you're not at home with our Cat Play Circle. This colourful interactive toy is the perfect way to stimulate and develop your cat's natural urge to play, chase, and hunt!

Featuring a ball track that you can fill with the included balls, safe in the knowledge that there is no danger of them slipping out and presenting a hazard to your pet, your cat can push and pull at the balls, then set off in hot pursuit.

This kind of game promotes agility and dexterity while improving reaction time - the perfect way to support the healthy development of your cat's natural hunting, playing, and chasing instincts while instilling a keen desire to be active. The cheerful design with a lovely colour palette is also easy on the eyes and will make a lovely addition to your home.

  • Diameter: 24cm

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