Crate Cover Set - Denim

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We don’t just want your dog to love their crate, we want you to love how it looks, too!

Made from a luxurious Viscose Linen Blend, not only will it provide a highly breathable den environment for your hound, its natural slub and luster will enhance the décor of any room it inhabits.

The Hampton + Hound Crate Cover Sets include the Crate Cover, Bumper and matching Fitted Sheet to cover your existing mattress or bed.

  • Creates a comfortable den-like space for your hound

  • Helps with toilet training and creating a good bedtime routine

  • Ideal for crate training puppies 

  • Designed specifically for Yours Droolly crates but can be used with a variety of brands.

Viscose Linen Crate Cover

  • To cover all possible placement positions, 3 of the 4 sides can be perfectly rolled and tied to create windows and doors as needed.

  • Because our crate covers have all open sides there is flexibility with fitting a variation of crate sizes.  

Viscose Linen Bumper Pad Cover and EVA Foam Inner

  • The Bumper Pad Cover is the perfect accessory for your hounds' crate that adds both extra comfort and warmth. Either match with your chosen crate cover shade or select a complementing contrasting shade.

  • When inserted with EVA foam Inner you're making an amazing insulating wall inside your hounds' cosy den.

  • The Bumper Pads can be placed in both door configurations.

  • Should your inner get dirty, dishwashing liquid is an easy detergent to use.  Simply wipe with soapy water, rinse off well and leave to dry. 

Viscose Linen Fitted Sheet

  • The Fitted Sheet is another great co-ordinating accessory for your hounds' crate. Use this elasticated sheet to cover your existing mattress or bed to match your Crate Cover.

  • If you don't have a crate mattress already, it can be as easy as using a folded blanket or towels to the shape of your crate tray.

  • Prewashed for ease of care and to avoid shrinkage

  • Cold gentle machine wash with similar colours

  • Do not soak or bleach

  • Cool tumble dry, hot iron

  • Small: Width 44cm x length 61cm x height 47.5cm

  • Medium: Width 48cm x length 76cm x height 51.5cm

  • Large: Width 56.5cm x length 91.5cm x height 61.5cm

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