Gumball Training Dog Halter


School is in session! Our gentle training halter makes refining your student doggy simple, seamless and manageable for humans and hounds. Now, this awesome accessory helps you to train your hound, but it also comes with a required amount of time and patience, so only committed teachers should add to the cart. This halter is for serial pullers and cheeky dogs who need a little more attention.

Our halter requires positive introduction and desensitization to ensure that your hound has become used to its head collar before putting it into practice. Please do not place on your hound before proper introductions and a little light use. Note, this is not a muzzle.

  • Neoprene padded nose bridge

  • Silky smooth side thread

  • Under chin cord stopper

  • Lead ring

  • Includes safety clip to connect Halter to the collar


To size, measure a few centimetres above your dog's lip from one side to the other, over the nose. Match this measurement against the nose bridge length below.

Nose bridge length: 12cm
Nose bridge strap width: 1.5cm
Collar length: 33 - 45cm
Collar strap width: 2cm
Suit: Australia Shepherd, Border Collie
Nose bridge length: 15cm
Nose bridge strap width: 2cm
Collar length: 40 - 60cm
Collar strap width: 2cm
Suit: Golden Retriever, Great Dane


100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester

Please keep your hound’s mouth and chin spiffy clean and dry before trying on to ensure that any returned halters are able to meet the required return condition.

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