Snuffle Mat Interactive Dog Toy


Whether you have a puppy in training, a busy dog requiring mental stimulation or a greedy meal guzzler, the snuffle mat is a fantastic tool to introduce to your furry friend.

Specifically designed to encourage your dog to use his brain and nose to 'hunt' for his food, a snuffle mat will sharpen your pup's mind and natural foraging instincts. While working the brain, it will also help tire your dog out through the intense use of his olfactory receptors.

Hide snacks and treats amongst the folds and watch your dog seek them out. These snuffle mats can also be used as a slow feeder for dogs who love to guzzle their food!

  • Perfect for destructive, energetic dogs or those with a short attention span

  • Great as a treat dispenser or slow feeder

  • A new way to keep your dog occupied

  • Easy-care polyester flannel fabric


45cm x 45cm


Cool machine wash or hand wash

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